To get you started, let’s kick this off with a handful of greater Milwaukee stone yards that have a reputation for doing quality work at a fair price. Then we will show you how to get the job done better and for less money.

Granite Factory
739 S 108th St
West Allis, WI
(414) 443-2707

Specializing in fabrications and installation of stone countertops for kitchens, bathrooms, and more. They also sell sinks and sealants to help complete the look of your kitchen. They also offer a variety of different edging styles to help you get the look you want in your home or commercial property.

Visit their website for samples of the stones, and also to view edging designs. The site also displays a selection of products sold by the company, including sealants and after-care products. The online gallery features the stone used in kitchens and bathrooms.

Summit Granite USA
2176 S 116th St
Milwaukee, WI
(414) 755-8898

Summit’s website features photos of the choices they offer as well as images of their fabrication warehouse, the quarry where they buy from, and photos of previous jobs completed. In addition to selling, fabricating, and installing countertops, the business also sells sinks to make the installation process easier.

Summit’s two locations offer customers a chance to see the slabs in person and choose the best color and pattern for their individual needs. The business handles fabrication and installation in both kitchens and bathrooms, and strives to meet the needs of every individual customer expertly.

K.G. Stevens
11100 W Silver Spring Rd
Milwaukee, WI
(262) 432-1060

K.G. Stevens has been serving the Wisconsin area since 1997, providing top notch quality by using only state of the art equipment and fabrication techniques. They have established themselves as experts in the field, and strive to provide excellent service and quality to every customer.

Their website features customer testimonials as well as images of some of their previous work. The handle complete residential and commercial projects and they are accredited by the MIA.

If you are looking for a granite company near you to install new kitchen work surfaces in your home, there are certainly plenty to choose from. How can you be sure that you’re hiring the best to manufacture and install your new counters? Just follow these six steps, and you’ll be on your way to a beautiful new kitchen in no time.

How To Find Even Better ones

Don’t limit yourself to the list above. They are some of the most popular in the area but there are lot’s of other businesses on the outskirts of town that can do the work for better and for less money. The form below will help you fnd them.

The Pitfalls Of Searching online

Don’t get me wrong, the internet is a fantastic resource, but it’s only the second best way to find tradesmen in your area. Without a doubt the best way to find contractors is by getting a referral from a friend. Simply asking on Facebook will usually be enough to get you a handful of leads from people who’s opinion you actually value.

Sometimes that’s not enough however, and that’s where online resources like Yelp and Google can be useful. The internet can be on odd place, full of fake reviews and bogus websites. But by using the tips below we can help you narrow down your choices to more reputable installers.

Start by doing a basic internet search for granite companies and stone yards in Milwaukee. You should have plenty, like the ones listed above, to choose from.

Make a list of 4 or 5 businesses, and take the time look over each company’s website and reviews. IF they don’t have any then put them towards the bottom of the list. This will give you an idea of what working them will be like. Look for customer testimonials and photos of their previous jobs on their websites as well. A good company will have plenty of satisfied customers that will be happy to talk about their remodeled kitchen.

The Worst Sin A Businesses Can Commit

Some granite countertop companies do everything in-house, from designing, to fabricating and installing. Others use local sub-contractors for one or more steps in the process. While using sub-contractors doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get poor results, it does make it more difficult to get problems resolved, if they occur.

This is how stores like Home Depot operate. They aren’t anything more than a middle man that takes your money and hires someone else to come to your home.

Make Sure They Can Be Held Liable For Damages

Insurance protects both the customer and the business, so every contractor needs to have some sort of coverage in place, and they should be willing to show you proof of their insurance policy. Even better, when a company is also bonded, they are showing responsibility because they have guaranteed funds set aside to cover any damages they might be responsible for.

Also, ask if they’re accredited or certified. This shows that they take their business seriously, and that they are actually skilled in what they do.

Eliminate Costly Surprises

Natural stone is not cheap, and you don’t want to risk picking a slab online without looking at it in person first. Granite, by its nature, is a very individualized and unique stone. Every slab is different, so you need to see it in person to really appreciate it. Make sure the slab you choose is the slab they’ll use, or risk becoming the victim of a pricey bait-and-switch.

Another good reason to visit the showroom is the fact that you might be able to see actual examples of their previous work. You can have more confidence in their skills if you see the results up close.

Get The Lowest Price

Get several written estimates before you hire someone. This will let you see what the true average cost is, and it will let you gauge how reputable each company is by the way they handle estimates. We recommend that you get three quotes at a very minimum.

If you are given an estimate without them actually seeing your kitchen, or if you are quoted a super low price, look elsewhere. These are common lowball techniques designed to get your business, then your actual bill will be much, much higher. It is ok to compare square foot prices in the beginning, but when it’s time to actually choose a vendor get a written estimate.

Step 6: Why Getting It In Writing Is A Must

Before any work begins, ask your chosen company for a written contract detailing what is to be done and what they will be responsible for. If there’s anything you don’t understand, have them explain it. Never rely on a verbal contract, as it’s too easy to have a costly misunderstanding.

Also, ask if you can get a written guarantee, if they offer one. This will clarify whether they guarantee their products only, or if they guarantee their work as well. Most reputable companies will be happy to oblige. After all, if they can’t stand by their work, are you sure you want to have them install your expensive countertops?

Keep these steps in mind when you begin your search for a local business. Following them could save you a lot of headache and stress, and help ensure you have a great experience getting your new granite countertops.